About Us

Jungle Tactical are a wholly Australian owned and operated retailer of Gel blasters based in Cairns, bringing the best gel blasters and gel blaster accessories to you.  We care about the products we sell and ensure they are the best on the gel blaster market.  Jungle Tactical strive to bring you the latest products available and are always on the lookout for the new and upcoming gel blasters.

Jungle Tactical import our stock directly from suppliers in China.   We are gel blaster enthusiasts who share your passion for gel soft.  We support the safe use and respectful gaming with the aim of having fun.  Gel ball or gel soft clubs are an integral part of advancing this sport and giving a purpose to the ownership of gel blasters.

Jungle Tactical is a veteran run business.  As an army veteran I am using that experience to guide the types of tactical gear we stock as I know what works and what’s comfortable on the field.  As a thank you to those organisations that help me up when I need it, I will be working with veteran groups to help them get other veterans back on their feet.