Are gel blasters legal in Queensland

Are Gel Blaster legal in Queensland. The short answer is yes, it is perfectly legal own and use a gel blaster in Queensland.

The recent changes to the legislation around gel blasters by the Queensland government in late 2020, reclassified a gel blaster from a firearm to a restricted item. This means that should you wish to purchase a gel blaster you will require a genuine reason. This is where the laws are open to interpretation as to what is considered a genuine reason, We have been advised by Queensland Police that this could encompass such reason a “I am part of a gel blaster club”, “I am a collector of gel blasters” “I play skirmish games with my mates in the back yard”. These are just a few legitimate reasons you could have to purchase a gel blaster, though once you commit an offence with a gel blaster these reasons are no longer considered reasonable. Committing an offence with a gel blaster will carry serious consequences which may result in weapons charges being laid against the offender and convictions carry considerable jail time should you be found guilty.

By following a few simple rules, you can responsibly enjoy playing with your gel blasters and not have to ever be questioned on your genuine reason for owning a gel blaster.

These rules are laid out below.

  • “Always keep you gel blaster out of the public eye” this basically mean when transporting your blaster between location it must be secured in a bag large enough to totally conceal the gel blaster. Only play with your gel blasters in the back yard of your house or on designated skirmish fields.
  • Do not shoot wildlife stray animal or your neighbour’s pets.
  • Do not shoot at anyone that you do not know and have their express consent to shoot then. I.e. no drive by shootings around town.

As a rule, always use your gel blaster in a responsible manner and take appropriate safety measures to protect yourself and other from potential eye injuries.